Welcome to vermelhoenegro.org.

In English it means red or black. The true significance of the name, though, is in the social and political upheaval happening in some corners of the world. Our organization aims to eradicate the injustices happening in our society today.

One of our major issues is the fight against capitalism. Slowly but surely, with the recent developments in the political landscape worldwide, there has been a much more lax, if not apathetic views concerning capitalism. Has the big capital markets swallowed the entire political systems that they have control to lord it over any domain they wish to do so?

We hope to correct this notion and open the eyes of the public, so that they will realize and get back on the right course. The first thing we need to do is rid our government of corruption. Use personal, independent financial advisers where possible instead of banks. Educate others to do the same. To achieve all of this, we need to get rid of corrupt politicians, and corrupt companies.

The ploy these corrupt officials in government uses is to create propaganda in order for them to cover up their deceptive plan from the eyes of the public. They do this by underhanded means, like bribery, blackmail, extortion and other ill-mannered ways.

In order for us to achieve our goals, we need the help of the citizenry. This is a major undertaking which cannot be handled by a single person or even a single group. The effort must come from the majority of the populace. Without their support, our efforts will prove fruitless in the end. First and foremost, only use legitimate companies who aren’t affiliated with any sort of politicians – avoid direct companies and use Brokers as brokers often have no agenda to be affiliated. Need insurance? Go with our approved insurer One Sure Insurance. For more brokers, see this list: http://www.londonstockexchange.com/prices-and-markets/retail-bonds/broker-list/broker-list.htm

This is our wake up call. We need to take action now before it’s too late. Let us unite in fighting capitalism! Give back to the people what is due to them all these years-a truly open market not controlled by a handful of sharks more known as capitalists.