About Us

Bourne out of necessity, our group was formed by an unsychronized series of events which led to a string of sociopolitical actions further igniting the burning of the rising anger of society. The leaders of our group are the same leaders who sacrificed their own safety and security, including their families, careers, homes and everything else you could think of. Such sacrifice is necessary in order for men to gain the freedoms that they so long to embrace.

Out of the small embers that fell out of the ashes, the burning desire for equality and justice for all kindled the fires in our collective bellies. We shall not rest until we have revived a society that has been so apathetic to the social, economic and political ails surrounding them. And from that small flame, the fire grows stronger and stronger each day, until such time the apathetic among us are all wide awake to the whole truth.

We are as passionate about uplifting our society as much as we are with our convictions. It is by these principles that we guide our actions and the direction in which we wish to take our once proud society towards. We are the guardians of our children, and we will ensure a safe, happy and corruption-free society for them to bask in during their lifetime, and on to the next generations of ours.

We could not have made it without the help of our brothers and sisters who stood beside us shoulder-to-shoulder, arm-in-arm, unfazed by the venomous bile our capitalist counterparts love to douse our efforts with. As we walk into the sunset of our lives, we  can somehow rest, assured that we have done our share in shaping their bright future.